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Can Heat Not Burn Products Really Quit Smoking?

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Heat not burn products are not smoking cessation products, nor can they assist smoking cessation. It is a new type of tobacco product that has the characteristics of "heating shredded tobacco or tobacco extracts instead of burning shredded tobacco" and requires heating appliances and "smoke bombs" when smoking. It heats the cut tobacco in the "cigarette bomb" through the special heating source of the appliance, so as to volatilize the nicotine and flavor substances in the cut tobacco to produce smoke to meet the needs of smokers.

heat not burn products

The characteristic of heat not burn products lies in constant temperature control. The temperature is only 300°, while tobacco burning needs 600°. Therefore, tobacco will not burn at this temperature, nor will it produce tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances. People are free from the hazards of second-hand smoke. The same is the inhalation of smoke. Traditional cigarettes are smoked after lighting the tobacco raw materials. The temperature of the cigarette butt varies between 600 degrees and 900 degrees. The thousands of components in the tobacco raw materials are extremely complicated. Physical and chemical reactions, the temperature is uncontrollable, and the products of various oxidation reactions, reduction reactions, and pyrolysis reactions are even more uncontrollable; while heat not burn products can accurately control the temperature at about 300 degrees, the smoke composition is relatively controllable and harmful Relatively speaking, there is much less material.

Generally speaking, heat not burn products are an innovative product that has the effect of reducing the health hazards of electronic cigarettes, and at the same time meets the taste of traditional tobacco by smokers. This product has been popular in foreign countries for many years, but it has not been promoted in China due to control reasons.

It’s best to quit smoking. I personally feel that the willpower is not strong enough. Quitting smoking is indeed a painful process. If you can really quit smoking, no matter what product or auxiliary tool you use, you will benefit from it. You should be thankful for your strong willpower in the end.


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