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Analysis Of Harm Reduction Performance Of Heat Not Burn Herbal Sticks

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In recent years, many tobacco companies have developed new tobacco products as a strategic focus and vigorously promoted new tobacco products. Heat not burn products are a new type of tobacco product, which is characterized by "heating cut tobacco or cut tobacco extract instead of burning cut tobacco". The special heating source of the equipment heats the cut tobacco in the cartridge to make the nicotine and flavor substances in the tobacco cut. Volatile to produce smoke and meet the needs of smokers. Because it is heated at low temperature and does not require any combustion process, compared with traditional cigarettes, it does not produce a large number of harmful substances and has good harm reduction performance.

Heating smoke composition of heat not burn herbal sticks

Because tobacco is heated without burning, the types and release of chemical components in aerosols are reduced, mainly water, glycerin, nicotine and low content of potentially harmful components (HPHC).

The chemical composition of heat not burn herbal sticks

The research on the technology of heat not burn herbal sticks is currently the most researched. Philip Morris Tobacco is the company that carried out this technology research earlier. Its representative products are Accord. The aerosol chemical composition of these products was analyzed. The technicians analyzed the Accord aerosol and the 1R4F mainstream smoke in the 1R4F standard suction mode, and found that most of the smoke composition content is very different, from table 2 and Table 3 can be seen that the content of harmful components in Accord aerosol and 1R4F mainstream smoke is 80% lower than that in 1R4F, including aromatic amines, hydrogen cyanide, cadmium, phenol, cresols, monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons The content of arsenic and gas-phase components acrylonitrile, 1,3-butadiene, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are reduced by 80%~90% compared with 1R4F; aldehyde (formaldehyde), nicotine and tar The release of serotonin was reduced by 70%~80%; the content of 1R4F was significantly higher than that of 1R4F; the formaldehyde content in Accord aerosol decreased by 80%~90%.

Summary and discussion

Through comparison, it is found that the harm reduction effect of heat not burn herbal sticks is significantly better than that of traditional cigarettes. The harmful components such as tar, nitrosamines, volatile substances, and phenolic substances in the harmful smoke are reduced by more than 80%, and the aerosol toxicity ratio Traditional cigarettes are low and have good harm reduction properties.



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