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What Is The Difference Between Heat Not Burn herbal Sticks And Electronic Cigarettes?

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In the past two years, there has been a wave of e-cigarettes in the world. The e-cigarettes here should be heat not burn herbal sticks to be exact, which is a new type of tobacco. It is also different from traditional cigarettes, water pipes, pipe tobacco, snuff and other types of tobacco products that contain tobacco products in the mouth. It is mainly through the working principle of low-temperature heating, which neither heat not burn herbal sticks.

Many e-cigarette users refer to heat-not-burn tobacco products as e-cigarettes, but there are still differences. Although heat-not-burn tobacco products rely on batteries for heating, the main object of heating is traditional tobacco, so it cannot be regarded as an electronic cigarette in the strict sense. Although electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, the smoke oil still contains nicotine. It belongs to the scope of tobacco, so heat-not-burn tobacco products and electronic cigarettes are collectively referred to as new tobacco.

The history and reasons for the development of heat not burn products and electronic cigarettes are the same. People's demand for health has forced the tobacco giants of various countries to accelerate the research and development of new types of tobacco. Since 1988, tobacco giants in various countries have rushed to propose various forms of heat-not-burn tobacco products such as carbon heating and electric heating, and launched various brands such as premier and eclipse. However, due to the complex composition of tobacco, the taste reduction is poor, etc. The reason has been difficult to be accepted by the public. Until the beginning of 2015, the first-generation IQOS produced by the international tobacco giant Philip Morris, directly detonated the e-cigarette market and has been popular ever since.

Heat-not-burn and other new tobacco products are the general trend. Chinese traditional tobacco companies are also accelerating the development of heat-not-burn tobacco products, and relevant departments are also speeding up the establishment of a regulatory mechanism for new tobacco products. From the perspective of China's gradual implementation of tobacco product reforms, China's new tobacco products will see significant improvements in the future. This is not only the reform of the tobacco industry, but also people's demands for health. The wave of new types of tobacco is coming rapidly.


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