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Heat Not Burn Products' Current Development Problems

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At present, there is no uniform standard for heat not burn products, which is not conducive to consumers' choice. According to relevant experts, “At present, all the energy of heat not burn manufacturers is on heat not burn heat sticks. Smoking appliances are more defined, and then suppliers are selected through bidding; there are currently 1,000 products on the appliance side, which are not effective.” At present, heat not burn manufacturers in many places have their own smoking utensils, and different smoking utensils have different heating temperatures and require different tobacco slices. For consumers, the price of heat not burn itself is relatively high and there are many devices, so it is difficult to choose.heat not burn

It is not yet known when heat not burn will be mass-produced. According to an industry insider, new tobacco is more technically difficult than traditional tobacco, and most companies are not aware of this problem. The equipment is improved on the basis of the original equipment, resulting in the layout of the entire product supporting facilities. Not done in most companies. Or for this reason, China Tobacco has not seen the release of its annual plan for heat not burn so far. Relevant experts believe that due to time constraints, the plan may be small in the first quarter of 2021, and if there is no plan in the first quarter, it will not be launched in the second quarter; it is more likely that the plan will be made in the second quarter and will be launched in the third quarter.

In this regard, an institutional investor said that both the fogging and heat not burn tracks have a bright future. Although each has its own disadvantages, the flaws are not concealed. It is impossible to replace each other in the short and medium term.


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