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Market Size Of Heat Not Burn Products

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Heat not burn products take "low temperature cigarettes" as the design idea, using external heat sources (smoking sets) to heat the tobacco in the cigarettes (bombs) just enough to give off the flavor, but not to ignite the tobacco leaves.

Compared with e-cigarettes, since it is heated by a special cartridge, it has the throat-sucking feeling of real smoke, and the taste is closer to that of cigarettes.

In recent years, global sales of electronic cigarettes and heat not burn products have grown rapidly. According to the statistics of world tobacco development, in 2017, global sales of e-cigarettes reached US$12.054 billion, an increase of 18.50% year-on-year; global sales of heat-not-burn tobacco reached US$5.003 billion, a growth rate of 135.60%.

At the same time, with the strengthening of tobacco control in the world, various countries in the world have also issued a series of tobacco control laws and policies. Under the influence of these laws and policies, the development environment of tobacco products has undergone major and profound changes, and the structure of tobacco products is accelerating its adjustment in the direction of diversification and smoke-free development. The new type of tobacco wants to break the traditional tobacco industry chain, reshape the industrial structure, and further seize the market potential. The market scale of heat not burn will become larger and larger.

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