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What Are The Benefits Of Heat Not Burn Sticks?

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With the development of science and technology, a new type of heat not burn sticks has become familiar to the public in the past two years. What is the definition of heat not burn? What is the difference between this kind of heat not burn sticks and traditional cigarettes?

Heat not burn sticks: Simply put, the main feature of this new type of cigarette is to use electronic devices to heat the tobacco instead of using lighters and matches to ignite the tobacco. This is the biggest difference between heat not burn and traditional cigarettes.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary cigarettes are smoked at a temperature between 500°C and 900°C, which will produce many harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide, tar, etc., while the temperature of the heat-not-burn smoking method is controlled at about 350°C, which can both Satisfying the pleasure of smoking can greatly reduce the release of harmful substances.

The benefits of heat not burn sticks

No open flame burning, low-temperature baking instead of open flame burning, greatly reducing harmful substances;

There is no taste violation, and the cartridges are made of nicotine, giving people the feeling of real smoke;

Toothless and black bad breath, don’t worry about heavy breath, yellow fingers and black teeth;

No worries, no open flames and soot, less smoke, no need to worry about fire hazards.

heat not burn sticks


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