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About Darlings

  Hanwa Group aims to provide our partners with choices of tobacco sticks, vapes, heating device products and the machinery/technologies to produce these products. We have factories in China and Malaysia to produce vapes, tobacco sticks and devices. But we strongly believe it benefits consumers and markets more by manufacturing these products in each local market eventually. In order to proliferate technologies for hard reduction products, we invented proprietary machineries that are compact and efficient with lower investment needed. Hanwa Group welcomes all forms of business models including distribution, private labelling and joint ventures for local manufacturing.

Hanwa Group was founded with inspiration from industry leaders and the support of China Tobacco Group. We are a private company that is committed to innovative technologies. Over the years we have developed three series of heat not burn sticks/devices and three series of vape products.

Our heat not burn products include:

  • Resistor contact heated sticks (patented)
  • Inductive heated sticks (patented)
  •  “SHARPOR™” Series low temperature heated sticks (patent pending)

Our vape products include:

  • Regular disposable vapes
  • Regular replaceable vape PODs
  • “DOUBLOR™” Series tobacco extract vapes with flavored filter capsules (patent pending)

Hanwa Group innovates on raw materials that serve market needs. We have developed over 60 formulas on herbal sticks, herbal vapes as well as tobacco sticks/vapes. Most of these products were commercialized in Chinese and Japanese markets. Hanwa Group’s recon technology is also a key innovation that enables more efficient release of flavors and nicotine from the finished products.

We are looking forward to working with partners from the tobacco industry in order to deliver the most satisfying products that will change the world.