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About Darlings

  Hanwa Group is a professional tobacco company specializing in heat not burn tobacco and herbal products and related technologies. Hanwa was established in 2019 by Dr. Ray Chung, Dr. Tao Xie and William Xu.

Dr. Chung has been a leading research professional at Taiwan Tsing Hua University with his academic focus on new technological innovations for tobacco and herbal products.

Dr. Ray Chung, Dr. Tao Xie and William Xu, the three founders of Hanwa Group, achieved a breakthrough on aerosol generating material when they combined years of experience on botanical extracts and tobacco heating. The team went through a solid study and strict filtering of food grade botanical essences with hundreds of tests done from all aspect of consumer experience and safety.

Hanwa team successfully invented a new aerosol generating substrate made of the organic ingredients including tobacco and herbs. The team established the company in Hong Kong and started working with professionals around the globe to engineer and certify the tobacco and herb based heat not burn sticks. In the mean time, a heating device was concurrently developed to provide safe, steady and outstanding experience of inhalation from the heat not burn sticks. Hanwa has recently made further investments in multiple manufacturing sites in Asia to be able to provide global markets with high quality tobacco and herbal heat 

stick as well as heating devices.

Hanwa team focus on their only goal to provide nicotine or non nicotine products that reduce harmful and unpleasant substances inhaled by smokers.