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  • Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab

    On a sunny and breezy morning on the beautiful Hainan island, the opening ceremony of Hanwa’s new factory for tobacco heatsticks R&D and manufacturing marked a milestone in the roadmap of the Hanwa Group. The business development department of the local government, the key logistics providers, and t

  • Market Analysis Of China'S Tobacco Industry

    At present, Chinese consumers still mainly consume traditional tobacco-made cigarettes. China’s tobacco product industry is the industry with the highest tax rate in China. It has made important contributions to national defense, medical care, education, basic education and other fields, which has g

  • Heat Not Burn Products' Current Development Problems

    At present, there is no uniform standard for heat not burn products, which is not conducive to consumers' choice. According to relevant experts, “At present, all the energy of heat not burn manufacturers is on heat not burn heat sticks. Smoking appliances are more defined, and then suppliers are sel

  • These Things Happened In The International Tobacco Industry

    These things happened in the international tobacco industry (7.26-7.30)Altria's second quarter net income increased by 8.9% year-on-yearAltria Group’s net income in the second quarter of this year was US$6.9 billion, an increase of 8.9% over the same period in 2020. Net income in the first half of 2

  • Stay Away From Traditional Cigarettes

    There are many diseases, injuries and other factors that pose a threat to the health and life of all human beings. Common causes of disability can be divided into two categories: congenital causes of disability and acquired causes of disability. Among the acquired causes of disability, occupational

  • What Are The Benefits Of Heat Not Burn Sticks?

    What are the benefits of heat not burn sticks?With the development of science and technology, a new type of heat not burn sticks has become familiar to the public in the past two years. What is the definition of heat not burn? What is the difference between this kind of heat not burn sticks and trad

  • China's Heat Not Burn Market Has Great Potential

    The rise of heat not burn products is late, but the growth rate is relatively fast. In 2019, the market size has reached 15.2 billion U.S. dollars. It is especially popular in Japan and South Korea.Because heat not burn smoking sets control the heating temperature of sticks at about 300 degrees, sti

  • What Is The Difference Between Heat Not Burn Sticks And Traditional Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes?

    Heat not burn sticks or low-temperature herbal heatsticks are composed of heat sources and plant ingredients. The plant ingredients may be wrapped in paper and look like cigarettes. However, the temperature at which the tobacco is heated is lower than that of the burning cigarette. The taste is very

  • How To Buy Heatsticks Online?

    Tobacco control is becoming more and more strict, and the importance of health is getting higher and higher. Traditional cigarettes not only harm the smokers themselves, but also second-hand smoke and other problems. It is difficult for old smokers to quit smoking, so they can be used as a supplemen

  • Advantages & Disadvantages Of China's Heat Not Burn Products

    Since the popularity of heat not burn products, many Chinese companies have started to follow the trend to manufacture heat-not-burn electronic cigarette products. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these heat-not-burn products?In China, tobacco is a regulated product. The heat not burn ma

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