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  • Unboxing Video of Darlings Herbal Sticks

    A few days ago I was contacted by Mr William from Hanwagroup on LinkedIn and our conversation went ahead on review of products and services and he shared links about his products which are related to personal heat combustible products which are commonly known as Vaping products or E-cigarettes.The H

  • 2020 IECIE Highlight – One More China Tobacco Company Entering Heat Not Burn Arena

    Due to the impact of the Covid-19, the numbers of visitors to IECIE Shenzhen 2020 is less than last year. However, it still attracted over 54,000 professionals from over 93 countries.

  • Harm Reduction - One Century Story About Tobacco And Health

    Let’s look into the milestones of how traditional tobacco products have evolved and transformed in the tangling issues related to health.

  • Why Is Heat Not Burn A Reduced Risk Product?

    Harm reduction has always been a common goal that the tobacco industry works with, because the impact from traditional cigarettes is well known.

  • How To Buy Heatsticks Online?

    Tobacco control is becoming more and more strict, and the importance of health is getting higher and higher. Traditional cigarettes not only harm the smokers themselves, but also second-hand smoke and other problems. It is difficult for old smokers to quit smoking, so they can be used as a supplemen

  • Advantages & Disadvantages Of China's Heat Not Burn Products

    Since the popularity of heat not burn products, many Chinese companies have started to follow the trend to manufacture heat-not-burn electronic cigarette products. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these heat-not-burn products?In China, tobacco is a regulated product. The heat not burn ma

  • Market Size Of Heat Not Burn Products

    Heat not burn products take "low temperature cigarettes" as the design idea, using external heat sources (smoking sets) to heat the tobacco in the cigarettes (bombs) just enough to give off the flavor, but not to ignite the tobacco leaves.Compared with e-cigarettes, since it is heated by a special c

  • Features Of Heat Not Burn Products

    As a hobby, traditional tobacco products have a history of hundreds of years and have been integrated into the lives of most smokers. However, in recent years, people have rethought the problems of smoking, health and second-hand smoke, and the drawbacks of these traditional tobacco products have be

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