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Features Of Heat Not Burn Products

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As a hobby, traditional tobacco products have a history of hundreds of years and have been integrated into the lives of most smokers. However, in recent years, people have rethought the problems of smoking, health and second-hand smoke, and the drawbacks of these traditional tobacco products have become increasingly prominent. Heat Not Burn products were born from this. As a new type of tobacco product, what are the characteristics of heat not burn products?

The characteristics of Heat Not Burn products are as follows:

.1. There is no need to burn, which greatly reduces the tar and other chemical harmful components produced by burning, which is only about 10% more harmful than traditional cigarettes;

2. It will not produce second-hand smoke, will not affect the public environment and the health of others, and to a certain extent alleviate the contradiction between smoking and smoking ban in public places;

3. Contains tobacco ingredients, which can adapt to and meet the physiological needs of consumers. Heat not burn products are new types of tobacco products that meet the needs of smokers by heating the shredded tobacco to volatilize nicotine and flavor. Its taste is closer to the taste of traditional cigarettes than e-cigarettes.

Heat Not Burn Sticks are different from traditional cigarettes. The heating temperature does not exceed 350°C. The cut tobacco is in a non-burning state during the smoking interval, thereby reducing the harmful components produced by the high-temperature combustion and cracking of tobacco. embossing seal Heat-not-burn cigarettes are composed of smoking sets and cartridges. When in use, the cartridge is inserted into the smoking device, and the cartridge is heated by the special heat source provided by the smoking device, so that the tobacco in the cartridge is heated without burning. The cartridge is mainly composed of a tobacco raw material section, an empty pipe section, a cooling section, and a filter tip section. The main raw material of the tobacco section is tobacco flakes.

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