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When Tea Meets Heat Not Burn

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In recent years, low-temperature heating without burning has brought smokers a new experience that is almost a cigarette experience, and has almost become the first choice for smokers in Asia and the Middle East in Europe to quit smoking.

The raw material of the cartridge is actual tobacco. Tobacco is a monopoly product in China. Therefore, it was soon included in the monopoly category by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, and sales in the country were prohibited.

But China has a huge base of smokers, and market demand cannot be ignored. Faced with such a "dilemma", some heat not burn companies realized that if they want to solve the problem of smoke bombs, they must start with raw materials. So they began to show their abilities, using tea, herbs, etc. instead of tobacco, and successively launched non-tobacco pods, hoping to seize a certain market share.

Propaganda for heat-not-burn products that replace tobacco with tea has appeared on the market. The propaganda points are so-called "tea bombs", "non-tobacco type", and "low-temperature heating." It is understood that this type of cartridge does not contain tobacco or nicotine. It is used with the help of heating and non-combustion equipment, without ignition, without nicotine, second-hand smoke, and soot.

Heat not burn products have also been seeking for better development, but the constant popularity shows that it has market demand.


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