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What Is The Difference Between Heat Not Burn Sticks And Traditional Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes?

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Heat Not Burn Sticks or low-temperature herbal heat not burn stick are composed of heat sources and plant ingredients. The plant ingredients may be wrapped in paper and look like cigarettes. However, the temperature at which the tobacco is heated is lower than that of the burning cigarette. The taste is very similar to that of traditional cigarettes. Studies by international authorities have shown that harmful substances have been reduced by more than 90%.

Cigarettes are made from cigarette paper and tobacco leaves. It may also include filters, chemical additives or other ingredients. The user ignites the top of the cigarette and obtains inhaled smoke by burning the unlit other end.

E-liquid-type e-cigarettes use e-liquid, which may contain nicotine (extracted from tobacco), glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors and other ingredients. Electronic cigarettes need a heat source to heat the e-liquid, thereby generating aerosols for users to inhale.

On the other hand, low-temperature Heat Not Burn products reduce the release of harmful substances such as tar compared with traditional cigarettes, reduce the harm of smoking to the human body, and are healthier and safer. Low-temperature heat not burn products were first sold by PMI in 2014. It is a new type of tobacco product that combines smoking sets and cartridges. It is a “low-temperature cigarette” designed with the idea of “heat not burn” and uses special heating tools ( (That is, what we often call "smokers") heat the special cartridge to a certain temperature, and the temperature is controlled at about 280°C, so that the tobacco leaves are heated to the extent of emitting smoke, which can obtain nicotine and get the feeling of almost real smoke.

As far as emissions are concerned, the chemical composition of heat not burn sticks aerosols is mainly composed of glycerin, water and nicotine (optional components), among which ammonia, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen cyanide, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, and aroma The content of hydrocarbons, aromatic amines, solanesol, benzene, carbonyl compounds, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, phenol, 3-vinylnitrobenzene, 1,3-butadiene and other substances are significantly lower than traditional cigarettes. In terms of taste, heat not burn products can achieve consumer satisfaction and make smokers feel the real tobacco taste.



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