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  • How Will Heat Not Burn Products Effect The Future Of The Tobacco Industry

    Heat not burn products are a new type of product in recent years and have been sought after by more and more people, especially young people and smokers who pay attention to their health. Darlings, as a manufacturer of heat-not-burn products, will now explain how heat-not-burn products will affect t

  • Heat Not Burn Products Cause A Sharp Drop In Japanese Cigarette Sales

    A new study shows that since heat not burn products entered Japan, cigarette sales across Japan have been severely hit.It is reported that Japan is the ninth largest cigarette market in the world, but the smoking rate is still very high, but the introduction of heat not burn herbal sticks has a signif

  • Analysis Of Harm Reduction Performance Of Heat Not Burn Herbal Sticks

    In recent years, many tobacco companies have developed new tobacco products as a strategic focus and vigorously promoted new tobacco products. Heat not burn products are a new type of tobacco product, which is characterized by "heating cut tobacco or cut tobacco extract instead of burning cut tobacc

  • Different "Harm Reduction Herbal Sticks"!

    According to authoritative data, the heat-not-burn market has now entered 30 countries including Japan and South Korea. In other words, heat not burn herbal sticks are changing the pattern of the tobacco industry.

  • A Century Of Entanglement Between Tobacco And Health

    In 1843, French tobacco operators began to produce Spanish-style cigarettes, and officially named them "cigarette" after publishing a document. For more than a century after that, traditional cigarettes had an immeasurable impact on modern civilization. To date, more than 1 billion people in the wor

  • What Is The Difference Between Heat Not Burn herbal Sticks And Electronic Cigarettes?

    In the past two years, there has been a wave of e-cigarettes in the world, led by ‘IQOS’. The e-cigarettes here should be heat not burn heat sticks to be exact, which is a new type of tobacco.

  • Definition Of Heat Not Burn

    What is the definition of heat-not-burn? What is the difference between this heat-not-burn product and traditional cigarettes?

  • What Are The Hazards Of Smoking?

    Smoking is extremely harmful to human health, mainly because cigarettes contain more harmful substances such as nicotine and tar. So, what is the harm of smoking? Darlings today tells you about the dangers of cigarettes.Smoking can cause lung diseaseCigarette smoking is one of the causes of chronic

  • Unboxing Video of Darlings Herbal Sticks

    A few days ago I was contacted by Mr William from Hanwagroup on LinkedIn and our conversation went ahead on review of products and services and he shared links about his products which are related to personal heat combustible products which are commonly known as Vaping products or E-cigarettes.The H

  • The History Of Tobacco - Darlings

    Darlings is a professional manufacturer of Non-tobacco botanical essence sticks in China. The products have undergone strict nicotine content control, which can reduce the harm to the human body.

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