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2020 IECIE Highlight – One More China Tobacco Company Entering Heat Not Burn Arena

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As one of the most influential e-cigarette exhibitions, IECIE has become a show case place for new products since its debut in 2015. Many solution providers participate in the show to demonstrate their products from components to devices.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19, the numbers of visitors to IECIE Shenzhen 2020 is less than last year. However, it still attracted over 54,000 professionals from over 93 countries.

Heat Not Burn products had a lot of attention just as they did at IECIE shows in recent years. According to a survey, Heat Not Burn products were over 19% among the total demonstrated product at the show this year, at a similar percentage to the 2019 show.

Noticeably two members companies of China Tobacco Group, Yunnan China Tobacco Ltd and Henan China Tobacco Ltd debuted their products at the show. Henan China Tobacco Ltd brought their first brand “YueShang” of Heat Not Burn herbal sticks, claiming one more member company of China Tobacco Group entering the arena after Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Hubei, Anhui, Shandong and Guizhou. Besides these companies, Shanghai China Tobacco Ltd and Hunan China Tobacco Ltd are also planning to roll out their products in the near future.

Besides China Tobacco Group, tens of other companies are also researching, developing and investing in the Heat Not Burn industry. According to statistics, up to 2019, Chinese companies have obtained more than 9278 patents, resulting from the development of both Heat Not Burn devices and sticks. These companies are rising stars which could develop their capabilities to compete with their overseas competitors.

China Tobacco Group have always put their strategy on the domestic policies they publish. Therefore China Tobacco Group’s investments are viewed as indicators for the Chinese tobacco market. In July 2018, China Tobacco Bureau published a list of reform key points, claiming their determination to develop and innovate new tobacco technologies. They will push for standardization, industrialization and branding of new tobacco technologies and provide suggestions for new regulations and policies. We predict that China will cultivate a good environment for new tobacco technologies including Heat Not Burn.


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