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Advantages & Disadvantages Of China's Heat Not Burn Products

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Since the popularity of heat not burn products, many Chinese companies have started to follow the trend to manufacture heat-not-burn electronic cigarette products. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these heat-not-burn products?

In China, tobacco is a regulated product. The heat not burn manufactured by heat not burn manufacturers are all non-tobacco. Most of them are herbal plants. The taste cannot be compared with tobacco, but it is still acceptable as a substitute for tobacco. After all, the price is very high. Concessions are also conducive to the health of smokers.

Most of the products produced are non-tobacco products, which are often referred to now as "low-temperature herbals", also known as "non-tobacco cartridges". They do not contain tobacco ingredients. Common raw materials include tea, ginkgo leaves, flowers and other natural herbs. Widely used in heat-not-burn equipment, low-temperature heating can produce smoke. It can also use plant extracts or nicotine salts to enhance the throat sensation, solve the problem of smokers' nicotine intake, and relieve smoking cravings. Because no tobacco-related materials are added, the taste and experience are different from tobacco products. For users who are accustomed to heat-not-burn products, this product can only be used for transition and cannot be completely replaced.

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