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Different "Harm Reduction Herbal Sticks"!

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According to authoritative data, the heat-not-burn market has now entered 30 countries including Japan and South Korea. In other words, heat not burn herbal sticks are changing the pattern of the tobacco industry.

What is a heat not burn product? Heat not burn roller product, English Heat Not Burn, also known as low temperature flue-cured tobacco, is a new type of tobacco product that combines smoking sets and tobacco cartridges. The principle is to precisely control the temperature of the device , So that the tobacco shreds are heated and baked at a low temperature to produce smoke for people to smoke. And it can produce a pure taste that is the same as that of traditional cigarettes, giving people a new smoking experience.

When traditional cigarettes are smoked, the temperature is as high as 800° and an open flame is burned. A cigarette will release more than 3,800 kinds of chemical substances harmful to human health, including more than 400 carcinogens, and serious harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. Affects the health of smokers.

Heat-not-burn products use low-temperature heating tobacco instead of burning tobacco. Therefore, compared to traditional cigarettes, its harmful components are reduced by more than 90%, thereby reducing the harm caused by smoking to the body.

"Hanwagroup", which focuses on the research and development of new tobacco heat-not-burn technology, developed a new type of heat-not-burn instead of smoke and smoking utensils.

Darlings products have a number of invention patents and appearance patents, and the unique design has gained unanimous praise and recognition. Using Darlings Harm Reduction Smoking Set and Heat Not Burn herbal sticks can achieve no open flame, a small amount of tar, a small amount of nicotine, and no second-hand smoke hazards.


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