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How Will Heat Not Burn Products Effect The Future Of The Tobacco Industry

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Heat not burn products are a new type of product in recent years and have been sought after by more and more people, especially young people and smokers who pay attention to their health. Darlings, as a professional heat not burn manufacturer, will now explain how heat-not-burn products will affect the future of the tobacco industry.

heat not burn products

At present, there are more and more countries developing heat-not-burn products in the world. Safety and environmental friendliness, unlimited imagination of hardware technology and product tastes, the orientation of next-generation smoking consumers, and high taxes and profits are all new tobacco products. Advantage. From the perspective of the conditions for industrial disruption, technological disruption of new tobacco products has taken shape, and consumer experience disruption is gradually taking shape.

There is no doubt that new tobacco products are the most significant event in the tobacco industry in the past ten years! Facing new challenges, Darlings heat not burn products must adhere to a high starting point, ultra-conventional, and leap-forward development, and control technological leadership and development initiative. To be a participant in the formulation of international market rules, with the main goal of occupying the international market. From breaking through patent restrictions and controlling core technologies, to actively participating in the formulation of international standards and winning international discourse, China Tobacco must attack strongly and build an integrated international market operation system in order to break through the fierce competition of new tobacco products.


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